Demands for abandoning the Schengen Agreement ⋆

Demands for abandoning the Schengen Agreement

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It seems that the flow of refugees have a much deeper effect than imagined to everyone in Europe.

The conflict in Syria has led to the migration of millions of Syrians to neighboring countries, and hundreds of thousands of them risk their lives every day to reach Europe in search for safety, freedom and a decent life, and in their way, thousands of them died including children, women and men and whole families drowned in the Mediterranean.

Therefore, the largest number of refugees have decided not to risk drowning and took the land route through Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, and then to Europe.

But it is still necessary to ride the sea for a short period between Turkey and Greece, which means that the risk of drowning still exists, like the tragic drowning of Alan Kurd, the three-years old child, along with his brother and his mother, his photo was published all over the world, which has greatly contributed to wakening the global conscience that was oblivious to the suffering of refugees.

The Balkans and Eastern Europe were not ready to deal with the huge numbers of passing refugees, and they were faced with the problem of fingerprinting refugees, and the Dublin Regulation which states that refugees must seek asylum in the first European country they arrive to, in this case it is either Greece, Italy or Hungary, but these countries are already suffering from huge economic problems which the European Union has not been able to solve so far.

These countries took unilateral measures, without coordinating with other EU member states, such as not taking fingerprints as did Greece and Italy, or build a wall on the border with the Balkans, as did Hungary, or not to return refugees, even after fingerprinting, as did Germany.

Maybe Germany was over-optimistic, but they soon realized the size of the problem and had to close the border with Austria, which has also closed its border with Hungary, and this is practically a freeze to the Schengen Agreement, in which the most important clause is the removal of borders and the freedom of movement of people, goods and money between Member States.

That is why many voices in the corridors of the parliaments of some European countries are demanding the cancellation of the Schengen Agreement, and they justify their demands by claiming it has become a threat to the security of their countries.

They do not hide their extreme right-wing views, which opposes the presence of refugees in Europe believing that they are a burden rather than considering them a valuable human resource.

Some even went so far in their racist remarks saying that most of these refugees are Muslims, and this in itself constitutes a threat to Europe’s demography!

These right-wingers are willing to give asylum to Christian Syrian refugees only, ignoring the human catastrophe and forgetting that the Syrians, Muslims and Christians, are one people, and they have been living peacefully together for thousands of years.

So the question is, can the right-wing extremists in Europe exploit the migrant crisis to their advantage and divide Europe again?


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