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منظر للتورنينغ تورسو في مالمو - View of the Turning-Torso in Malmö

Yalla Kompis is an online news site which aims to be the crossroads of cultures in Sweden, and it’s main goal is to bridge the gap between the immigrant community in Sweden and the entire Swedish society, in order to accelerate the integration process and help immigrants succeed in their new home, which will benefit them in the first place, and the rest of the Swedish society as a whole.

Yalla Kompis conveys the news and events that are relevant to the immigrant community in particular, and to whom ever is interested in immigrant issues in Sweden in general. Our articles and news are concise and to the point, in order to give the reader correct, informative and interesting subjects in order to increase the cultural awareness of the course of events around us.

Our subjects are diverse, covering many areas like politics, economy, community news, sports, hi-tech and others. Our coverage is not limited to news, but we also take an analytical view, and try to clarify the implications of these news on the immigrant community and the whole society in Sweden.

At the moment, all the writers and journalists who write in Yalla Kompis are volunteers who wish to contribute with their writings and opinions to improve the immigrant community’s situation in Sweden, without prejudice or bias to a specific group, and this will in turn benefit the entire Swedish society.

In order to achieve this goal and to avoid conflicts and disputes, we have decided that neutrality and objectivity are the most important conditions to be able to contribute at Yalla Kompis.

The door is open to anyone who is efficient and able to contribute, impartially and objectively. If you wish to volunteer and contribute to this effort, please fill out the form on this page ” Contact Us “and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Yalla Kompis team