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You can contribute with articles, views and/or suggestions in the space provided on the form, and it will certainly be taken into account and we will respond as soon as possible.

We also welcome any tips about any news of interest, whether if it’s global, local or interesting to the immigrant community in Sweden.

You can attach the article you want to contribute with to the message.

Please note that all writers and journalists who write in Yalla Kompis are volunteers who contribute to help and enlighten immigrants and Swedes about important news and events in Sweden, without any prejudice or bias to a specific group.

Neutrality and objectivity are the most important conditions for contributing at Yalla Kompis in order to avoid conflicts and disputes, and this will in turn benefit the entire Swedish society.

Note: Please attach your articles or files in a Word (WORD) or a PDF (PDF) format, and tell us if you would like to publish your name or not.

IMPORTANT: No article will be published before reviewing it and making sure that it is beneficial and adheres to the conditions of neutrality and objectivity.

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